Sunday, June 27, 2010

Piece of crock vs. dynomutt or something silly like that

Oh syfy.

This was one of the last films to feature David Carradine. I can't help but to feel it might have something to do with how he ended his life accidently. After being in this flick, choking one's self for pleasure might seem a lot more logical. I'll give him this there was about 20 seconds of acting that made this film good. His nurse forces his heart pills on him and he takes them with a semi sneer. He takes the glass of water from her hand. He then flicks the water out into the pool. He dry swallows the pills and fill the glass with jack daniels and as she pouts with disapproval downs it after the pills. Good show Mr. Carradine.

The rest of the film is a waste, and is only fun if one is wasted or can mentally fake it. The plot is pulp, and the characters are sap. The writing is cliched and dumb: "First you said I stink, now you call me a hillbilly, you must really be flirting with me." The special effects are not special, are bad, and have no character. In short this is a bad film that isn't even a good bad film.

So Sad.

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