Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All My Friends are Funeral Singers

Title that is engmatic? Check!
A story of very little real action? Check!
Semi annoying music by a "post punk" band? Check!
Enough 'quirkiness" to have it coming out your ear till the next film festival? Double Check!!

And here we are in independent filmland ladies and gentlemen. "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers," is not bad. It is however, a good checklist of all things that tend to haunt independent films in america. The worst offender is the quirkiness, I mean I like nonconventional characters and stories, but I don't like it pretty much SHOUTED WE ARE NONCONVENTIONAL CHARACTERS AND THIS IS A QUIRKY STORY. If you get my meaning.

Speaking of story, this is the story of a psychic trying to make a living with the help of all the ghosts filling her house. She has so many ghosts that she has to put salt along her bedroom door to keep them out. The Ghosts themselves want to go into the light but can't and until then interview each other and play slide guitar. There's also a little girl ghost who seems to do most of the work in the being psychic department but doesn't talk.

So can our lady reach some accord with her ghostly guests? Can our ghosts go into the light? What is it with the little girl ghost? It is actually a decent story, sort of "Ghost" with out his holiness The Patrick. Some of the hoodoo details are pretty interesting. Also, while I kid the moniker of "post punk" (about a useful a phrase as "post modern art") the music isn't so bad when it's not being shouted out as QUIRKY.

So if you are into the independent scene it is worth a look. If like a good little ghost story, well it's not the best but it has interesting points. So there you go, and now I'll go play my slide guitar.

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