Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Strait to the Point

"Strait Jacket" is an anime of a more graphic nature. People are cut in two or worse with depressing regularity. The reason for this goes like this: In this alternate world someone figured out that magic was real and industrialized it. Good as far as that goes, except folks that use magic sometimes go nuts and go all mini akira. So there is a market for licensed tactical sorcerers. They don't turn into demons (as a rule) cause they have a containment system that means basically they have an exoskeleton molded onto them.

Our heroes in this world is one very cute bureaucrat and one very moody tactical socerer sans license. Basically he doesn't have a license cause he has a mysterious past, tends to go all overkill with collateral damage, and by george he's a moody loner so he doesn't need a license, a badge or even a badger. Of course these two forces get together and along with a young "half demon" girl make the world safe for BP style magic. Hooray.

Now I did like some of the designs, I think a mystic Iron Man frankly rocks. I did NOT like the designs of the monster. They were just silly, think of ten thousand pounds of fat on two itty bitty legs. Yeah, that works. I will say it was rather interesting that each monster tended to spout its own nonsense phrase. There is something more sinister about being strangled as someone keeps screaming "ARE YOU HAPPY ARE YOU HAPPY ARE YOU?" Overall, however, this is just the same old same old. There's really nothing to recommend it.

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