Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fragment from a new novel

"So then, let us be clear: you want my organization to fund your attempt to steal back our one hundred million dollars from a secure and secret location?" His gaze was direct but the set on his face was neutral to the point of statury.

I just smile and say, "yes."

"If you manage this miracle of theft, just how much do you think you should be your take?"

"All of it, every red cent."

An eyebrow raised.

"All? Why should we let you take all of our money?"

"Because it is not your money now. It is federal evidence. If said evidence disappeared it will make a series of court cases against friends of yours go very easy. In the end you not only win in the courts, but on the streets because everyone will know you had it done. For that it will be will worth the extra money you give me to see this done. You wouldn't want the money back anyway, since if it is ever traced back to you then the original shit storm comes back now as a shit tornado."

He was silent for a moment.

Then he nods.


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