Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I am embarrassed to have seen this. Oh, I could tell you I get these things blind. But come on, a live action movie of a man and his robot maid? I had to have some inkling that it was going to get perverse.

Well it did. Pretty much soft core porn without out the great seventies soft focus and wah wah music. It is the story of an old man and his robot maid. He's had the maid since he was a child, and it always took care of him (in more ways than you want to think about). Now the maid's battery has nearly died and ther are no replacement parts, so she sits in the corner only able to talk to her Master. As he takes care of her now the neighborhood is plagued by a robot rapist and the police are confused because robots follow the three Asimov laws.

The story sounds more interesting than it is presented. Honestly I feel a bit dirty for watching this. Thank you Japan for making me lose another five points on my purity score.


  1. Sounds a tad like Cherry 2000. Only it had more 'regular' action...
    If there's a purity score, I need you to post the chart for that/or grading scale..

  2. I remember it as a test that used to be passed around in high school when things were slow.

  3. With five few points, what does that make your purity score? And to help understand the scale, can you share a few famous purity scores? For example: Bill Clinton, Paris Hilton and The Dalai Lama.

  4. The exact numbers are confidential but Linsey Lohan is now in single digits. Bill Clinton is fairly low but not as low as Al sharpton.