Thursday, July 15, 2010

Armored Car Robbery/Crime in the Streets

Part of a collection of film noir features, "Armored Car Robbery" and "Crime in the Streets" are wonderful little B films. First you have to love a film like "Armored Car Robbery," just because it is so direct. Crooks decide to rob an armored car, cops catch crooks. Of course there are complications and double crosses. One reason I love this film is because it harkens back to LA Confidential in that it shows how hollywood protrayed the LA cops. Each rising shot of city hall just adds to their aura of pious protectors. The villain is a true villain willing to kill anyone one to keep his money, specially his cohorts. There's a girl involved of course, and a wonderful scene where some one backstage describes her stripping from the sounds over the intercom in her room.

"Crime in the Streets," belong to that fifties genre of "trouble youths," or if you are in the bronx "youts." A small gangs of 'boys' (most are old enough not only to shave but vote for wilson) trouble the local neighborhood. A saintly social worker tries to get them to turn around before the inevitable murder. My favorite line from a concerned father, "You are too old for me to beat you now." Paging Dr. Spock! Great stuff and fantastically photographed. They just don't light people this way any more.

Both are well worth a watch!

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