Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don't Look Up

"Don't Look Up," earns bonus points for actually at least caring enough about gypsies to rip off a few words and ideas. It's not all brightly colored clothes and horse drawn wagons. This is the story of a myth. Someone tried to capture that myth on film and failed. Now nearly a century later a disturbed film maker is trying to do what the first film maker couldn't. Unfortunately, the same curse seems to be in coming back.

It's a small film, but it has some nice scary zing to it. I also like how it is clearly channels the film makers love and experiences with low budget film. For another view read Kaufman's "Make your own damn film" (Short form: shoot your nude scenes first and be prepared to having to poop in a paper bag). One bit I really enjoyed was when a romanian helper was pointing out he wasn't "Igor" but "Gregori" then went into the entire history of Igor in frankenstein films. My main problem with the film is that the main characters didn't engage enough for me, and that ultimately they didn't do enough with they gypsy origin of the curse. Still, better than most horror films of this level.

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