Sunday, July 25, 2010

Science at work

Viral particles of X-23 moving through a blood vessel. X-23 is responsible for chronic de-evolution. A vaccine is close.


  1. X-23 makes a beautiful picture! Wow! As far as the chronic de-evolution, did Dr. Doofensmirtz cause that with his de-evolutionatorinator?

    Seems so much like oil derricks rising above an oil slick rainbow...

  2. Interesting yes, I like the oil derrick analogy. Virus are similiar in that many do drill through the cell wall to infect.

  3. Virus remind me of the little rhinos running around on our eyelashes...very intriguing, but kinda spooky in how they mirror bigger things. (Or, bigger things mirror them, as they're closer to the size of 'our' building blocks...