Thursday, July 15, 2010

Doctor Who: Underworld

I think I am on record on stating that Tom Baker is my favorite doctor. In some ways it's because he's the perfect middle of Doctor-dom. He's neither too old, nor too young. Too scholarly or too crazy. He is just wonderfully enough the doctor. He also manages to be sexy to woman while looking like a human muppet and boyo that takes some doing. I think it's his voice, it is both at the same time commanding yet gentle. Everyone's favorite teacher. He's of course aided by able writing that makes him someone who is at the same time both distracted yet highly caring.

This is a lesser part of his saga but fun none the less. The tardis finds itself on the arse end of the universe where they suprisingly find both a space ship and a nebula. The space ship has been on a 100,000 year quest and since the people on it were sort of screwed by the time lords (all a misunderstanding) the Doctor decides to give a hand. It turns out that inside the nebula is a new born planet, and inside that planet is the end of their quest. There are slaves to be freed and plenty of cliff hangers. It is all great fun!

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