Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Town Called Panic

A cute production of childlike wonder and non logic. "A Town Called Panic," does remind me of some of Gumby's adventures. It is the story of Cowboy and Indian (that's their names folk) who are two toys who are living with Horse. It is Horse's birthday, so our two friends who are both mischievous and not so bright, decide they need to get a birthday gift for Horse. This leads to accidently ordering fifty million bricks. This leads to all sorts of troubles and soon they are fighting giant, robot, snowball throwing penguins and other wonders.

This is fast pace and fun. I love the little details like the piano for horses (the keys are on the ground!). The characters are broad but drawn in fun ways. It's like a children's book written with a wink and a nod to grown ups. Truly a fun thing. It's subtitled, but I also liked it without the subtitles and I could make up what they were saying.

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