Friday, July 16, 2010

The Familiar

It is always interesting to me that some of the most interesting takes on faith come from horror movies. "The Familiar," is a low budget film about a man who has lost his faith in God, but is pursued literally by a demon. He knows it is there, so he's not a Lovecraftian materialist that rejects the supernatural. He's more like Mel Gibson (sans sugar tits comments) from "Signs." He's a man so hurt by life that he can no longer feel that he can trust the God he knows exist.

The Demon in question has been haunting him since childhood. Now it has begun to possess the sister of his dead wife. Can our hard drinking, shotgun shooting, ex preacher get it together? Can he reconcil with his past? With his father? Can he cast out the demon? Is there a darker secret?

All is answered in time dear Pilgrims. The problem is it a bit of a slog to get there. This film has heart but it needed a bit more muscle tone. So, I'd say this is for only folks really interested in the low budget horror field that aren't hoping for gore jamboree.

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