Monday, July 12, 2010

Battle League Horumo

Now this is much more like it. This is one reason I watch japanese cinema, out and out silliness! Students are asked to join an "ordinary" club. Repeat, an ordinary club, nothing special here, just ordinary, so very ordinary, did we mention we are ordinary? HA! We all know not to trust anyone that says they are just "ordinary" and are we right. Turns out said club is part of a century old institution where rival schools battle using itty, bitty, cute oni spirits. There is much more of course, as an epic love triangle forms causing the Gods who watch over Harumo to become angry. Can the city be saved, and more importantly can the guy get the girl?

This is all wonderful fluff! The oni are super cute even when they did and fly up like little cartoon characters. I wish we had the same sort of humor to make a film with cute little battling demons or angels. One thing that I never got tired of is one of the characters looked oh so unfortunately like "Edna Mole" of "The Incredibles." She just lights up the screen every time she pops up. This is certainly worth a watch!

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  1. I agree with the praise for wonderful fluff!!! I like how everything they think of just becomes some natural part of the film, lower inhibitions than in most cinema.