Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FANTASTIC MR. FOX - Official Theatrical Trailer

I really love Roald Dahl. I love stop motion style animation. I have a certain fondness for George Clooney. I have...I don't know what I have about Wes Anderson. I really love "The Life Aquatic," but some of his other films I find far more annoying than anything. Wes Anderson has that annoying sort of self knowing that knows you know his knowingness. It's that sort of meta thing that can just form a feedback loop from here to the nearest non starbuck coffee house.

Luckily Wes keeps it mostly in check in this film, and Dahl's story keeps it sharper edge. It is enjoyable and certainly very unique. In this day of dreamworks animation that can mean a lot. I don't think young kids would be comfortable watching this, when the animals actually act animalistic at points might not sit well and some of the rambling scenes would bore them. Luckily I don't have any kids, so to heck with 'em.

One completely off the mark sidenote: This may be the best film ever by a director that supposedly literally "called it in." The story is Wes didn't really understand nor had the patience for watching animation being done, so he stayed in Paris and would daily call London and tell them "his vision," and the animators were able to pull it off without a hitch.


  1. The only reason this movie is so good is because Wes Anderson 'phoned it in'. All his movies are so cute and pretentious. I can't stand him. I posted a funny parody of his work that imagined him doing a 'God of War' movie. That hit the nail right on the head.

  2. I'm not a person to defend him, as I mentioned I think I liked (besides this one) one film of his. Ooo wait, I can say one unreservedly good thing, he has good taste in music.