Monday, July 12, 2010

Children's Hospital

I am against "Children's Hospital" on principle. I want that on the record folks. Not because it is not a funny show, but because it is a live action show on the cartoon network. Hello Executives, it is CAR-TOON network, not the live action channel. This is the sort of channel mission creep that has robbed MTV of all music and NBC of all good sense.

That being on the record now, "Children's Hospital" is indeed very funny. It is a list of all the cliches of medical shows (I'm looking at you ER) rolled around in a light gel cap of dead pan humor. That one of the main doctors is running around in clown makeup and bloody scrubs without any remark just adds to the healing power of this comedy. Plot wise it is mostly how the doctors don't care for the patients and are more concerned with their sex lives, so really it is a slice of life.

Special bonus points go out for that is ten times more coherent than the average adult swim show, so someone at some point had to put down the bong. Good work there boys. Double points for the line, "I want to jump her clumsy vagina." Quadtriple points for the bonus ad for an upcoming show.

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  1. I did venture to watch this show---the best thing really was the ad for the 12 hour finale of another show. Hopefully they get enough positive feedback on that to go ahead and make it!!! (Yeah, in what alternate world?)
    Cop to Doc is an interesting profession change, and not only ER, but Scrubs and South Park are drawn upon (maybe not, since it's live action...? Taken from?). "Tinier implants...." Did like the clumsy vagina line.
    I may try it again, though I wasn't as enamored as Lazarus seems to be.