Sunday, July 18, 2010


"Parasomnia" is actually an interesting premise for a horror film, that's a pretty rare bird some times so enjoy it just for that. Our hero visiting his rehabing sib finds a gal who spends say 80% of her life asleep. Like Prince Charming he falls instantly in love. Our sleeping beauty is endangered by a bunch of eggheadery who want to poke her (he wants to poke her too but at least he's polite enough to wait til she wakes up), so he frees her from the mental institution.

Bad move.

See there's this crazed, killer hypnotist chained next door. Though having never been near her somehow he's got psychic claws in her. So soon a possessed sleeping beauty is doing very naughty things, and of course you know killer hypnotist guy is going to get out. It is all getting very bad for our hero, can there be a happily ever after?

Beyond the premise, I like the actors. They make the most of their rolls, specially our sleeping beauty who really communicates who alien she is to our world. There are also some impressive dream sequences where our villain exerts control over fair damsel in distress. Overall, certainly a good low budget effort. I was never bored!

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