Sunday, July 18, 2010

Badness can come for many directions. From Japan we have "Killer Car," about young adults driving a car that is possessed with a killing spirit. Like the car the film is a featureless box. The cast is boring and the killings are as well. Best to avoid as the addition of subtitles make it a sleep inducing experience.

Syfy once again downed itself with "Goblin." A town is cursed and every halloween a goblin like thing terrorizes everyone, specially if you happen to have a baby, aka yard ape, with you. It tries for some personality by the cast but it is undone by haphazard pacing and just a bad creature effect. Really folks I don't understand it, the creature is human sized, and human shaped. Why bother with cheap craptastic CGI to make this wonder? No one ever heard of make up? Stan Winston? Ok, stan's dead but you get the idea. IF you are going to continuously do CGIwtf effects why not change up the looks? At least it would be interesting to render a Goblin ala say cubism.

While no doubt it will be as equally sucktastical, I do want to see "Sharktopus" when it comes out. I want to see a half shark, half octopus monster. Really. That's it. I'm easy.

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