Monday, July 19, 2010

Terribly Happy

The film starts with an odd little story. One time a cow sank into the mud. A month later the cow rises again, bloated like a balloon. It gives birth to a two headed calf, one of the heads being a human head. This causes all sorts of trouble till the farmers bury it in the mud. From then on there was no trouble for humans or for cows. This is the type of place for such stories. Isolated with nothing but cows and mud, and people you know too well and not at all.

Our main character is a cop who did something to get him exiled here. The locals don't like or trust him. There's a girl though who he becomes very attracted to. She's married to an abusive man, or at least that's what she said. Her husband shows his scar that he says he got when she stabbed him with a butter knife. So who's telling the truth? What is the truth? The movie takes it time telling a tale set in nowhere.

This is a wonderful film, the quirky elements are kept in control so you don't get a "Twin Peaks" feel. What you do feel is that feeling you get when you stopped at that town for gas once and everyone seemed to be looking at you. It reminded me of a european version of a Cohen brother's film, and it's definitely something to see.

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