Monday, January 24, 2011

Chess: In Concert

They say a DA can indict a ham sandwich.  If true, then a Broadway producer can make a musical about.... chess.  Yes, someone thought this was a good idea for a show with a lot of dancing and music.  They even rooked in Bjorn Ulvaus of ABBA and Tim Rice to help with the music.  The results were, interesting.  Years later, the music has come back in this concert done in Albert Hall.

The plot has to do with an American chess player who is an egotistical A hole, heck he's an ABC hole.. he's a pretty all inclusive schmuck.  He is playing mind games with a Russian player and his own lovely female assistant.  Things go all pear shape for the american as the Russian wins their matches and defects with his assistant.  A year later the American returns as he an others plot to make the Russian throw the new match set in Bangkok.

It's really the music that works for this piece.  It's jaunty, it's funky, and it certainly keeps your interest.  The one hit from the show "One Night In Bangkok," still has me humming all these years later.

"I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine."

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