Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Town

Well there is hope for me. The Town is a classy movie, and I liked it mightily. It's set in Charlestown which is a neighborhood of Boston. It is famous for the sheer number of bank robbers who have called Charlestown home. Doug MacRay, who is played by Ben Affleck, is one of these bank robbers. His life becomes more complicated as he starts an affair with a bank teller he recently just robbed. He begins thinking more and more of getting out and getting clean, but the town has other ideas.

This is a great heist film. It's filled with several well planned robberies. The robbers themselves are all good characters and you find yourself often cheering them on. Still, being an adult film we know they can't win in the end giving a certain sense of tragedy to it all.

Ben Affleck is not only the star, but the writer and director. Instead of being an ego piece, he gives generously to his other actors. His writing is great and captures the local flavor, and his direction is good, solid craftsmanship. Really this is a great film to watch.

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