Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Red Hill

Red Hill is a good action thriller from Australia.  Set in the titular town of "Red Hill," it's about constable Shane Cooper played by Ryan Kwanten.  He's from the big city and has moved to Red Hill because of his pregnant wife's need for a place with less stress.  His boss looks down on him from the very first meeting.  He sees him as a wet behind the ear city slicker.  Still he needs the help when an escaped convict with a horribly burned face finds his way to town.  Shane learns that this is not just any old con, and that things are very personal.  The con goes through town killing everyone, and the town is bent on killing the con before real authorities get involved.  Shane must stay alive and find out what is going on.

The action is well staged and intelligently done, the characters are sharply drawn.  It's a very good little film that deserves more attention.

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