Sunday, January 23, 2011

Night of the Demons 2

I already said I have a great stupid love for the first Night of the Demons, so of course I wanted to see this.  It lacks the rough charms of the first one and there is a crying lack of Linnea Quigley.  However, it has its own charms.

It is set in a catholic school. The student body judging from what we can see is about 25 and so horny they are going to hormonally explode.  The only exception to this is Mouse who is the younger sister of Angela from the first film, and Perry who is way way too much into demonology.  The School is run by Sister Gloria who uses a ruler like an epee and the new father who is very touchy feely (no not what you are thinking pervs). 

Well the whole Hull House episode of the first film has become quite an urban legend.  So the bad girls and boys of the school borrow Mouse and one Perry's demonology books and go to Hull House for a party.  Demons are raised and students are killed.  They bring the party back to the school so it's up to Sister Gloria to make room for the holy ghost. 

The special effects are better (my favorite is a pair of breasts turning into hands for no reason what so ever) and the tone is much lighter.  For one thing the kids learn to fight back.  Holy water balloons do even the playing field.  Frankly, the tone is a little too light, and not every joke works.  On the whole, though, it's fine if lesser effort when compared to the first film.


  1. If I remember right this movie also had some Morbid Angel in it.

    I've always been surprised at the lack of death metal in horror movies.

  2. I think of this as an inferior sequel, a slicker retread without the heart and grit of the original, with more reliance on rubber monster effects. Also, Morbid Angel's "Rapture" is way harder to dance to then "Stigmata Martyr".

  3. it is inferior, but it is light hearted, maybe not the best thing in a film about demon posession.

    as for death metal, true you don't hear it much.