Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moby Dick 2010

The Asylum is a slick little outfit that tries to be the Syfy of direct to DVD movies.  They have two general strategies.  The first is to see what's coming out in theaters and then make a quick knock off of it and release it direct to DVD at the same time it is in theaters.  Their second idea is to take something that is in the public domain and name rape it enough to direct their version of it to DVD.

Hello Moby Dick 2010.

Ok, they get points for keeping all the names of the characters in the book.  Also, there IS a whale so I guess that counts.  Other than that, there's no real connection between the book in the movie.  Here we have submarines being attacked by a 500 foot long CGI whale.  A one foot Captain Ahab is chasing said whale in his custom sub and he picks up a lady scientist because she knows whale sounds and because you need a lady scientist of course.  Ships get sunk and nukes get used, and still is fairly boring 90% of the time.  About the only clearly cool moment of the movie is where Ahab has lost his foot again so takes an old cross off a grave and puts it on like a size nine.  Other than that this is a miss and a whiff.

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