Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf is one of the best low key animes I've ever seen. It is set in a fantasy world that is European in nature. Our hero is a wandering merchant. He wants to make enough money to set up his own shop, but he also you can tell loves his wandering. He frees a grain Goddess from her vows, and she happily decides that since the farmers no longer need her she will go home. Merchant and Goddess make a deal and they travel together.

The Goddess is a wolf and she appears either as a woman with wolf ears and a tail (Which causes problems with the church if they ever see her ears and tails) or as a giant wolf (which can cause EVERYONE else troubles). She's something of a trickster figure and also talks about how wise she is. Wise she might be, but she's an innocent in this new world and little things like an apple pie just sends into paroxysm of delight.

One thing I love about this series is that it doesn't really go in for the swash buckling.  It is often as not about trade and economics.  The first plot arc involved currency manipulation of all things.  People started buying up old coins as the rumor that that the new coins were going to contain less silver.  The show takes its time to develop its ideas and also the relationship between merchant and goddess.  I also have to be candid, I was singing the end song from the first season for like two weeks.

Cut me a slice of sunshine pie!


  1. Looks and sounds good. Is it on DVD or is it playing on a channel somewhere?

  2. it's free on hulu and dvd and netflix