Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost Gods: Melasu

As recorded from tablets of petrified wood found in a mound tomb in 2008:

Melasu was not strong, nor wise, nor a great ruler
but she had a big heart and deft hands
The Lords of All set her to the task of making a tapestry
to represent the earth their great work
So each morning Melasu would have to gaze down
and put everything she saw to memory
and then she would pull the warp and woof and begin to weave
In time though, her weaving ceased
for each time Melasu saw the world
she would see pain
it filled her big heart till it could not be contained
Melasu the goddess cried for the earth
It soon came upon the Lords of All
that Melasu was not doing as directed
They came upon her in the morning
they were suprised by her sadness
truly her tears were like a fog upon her hall
"Melasu, Melasu, what is the matter?"
She told them of her sadness and it's cause.
"This will not do," said they.
"You have work to do," They said.
The Wisest of All thought and then said,
"For now you must put aside this sadness
so you may do our work. 
When done you can be whole again."
All agreed that this was indeed wise.
So they forced her melancholy from her heart
they poured it into her tears
collecting them in a bag
They put the bag in the high tree outside her hall
guarded by four times four bears
and forty times forty hawks
They were happy with the job they have done
kissed the goddess on her forehead
and went to do as their wont
Melasu was neither happy nor sad
nor was she Melasu anymore
but she had deft hands and began weaving
weaving and weaving
and she never noticed The Thief
who poisoned the bears
and shot each hawk with 6 darts of holly
The Thief stole the tears
the Goddess Sadness
The world would never be the same
but that is another tale

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