Saturday, January 22, 2011

Young Justice now with Martian Babe

When last we saw Young Justice they got themselves a new base and a charter from the Justice League.  They also got a new member.  The Martian Manhunter's niece.  She's pretty, she's green and she's a telepath, shapeshifter, and has telekinetic ability.  Oh and a living space ship.  In other words, she can kick butt.  Now, to play fan boy here I cry foul.  The whole deal with the Martian Manhunter was that he was the last martian left.  He did not have a niece.  Still, she's pretty and green so I'll let it pass.

The actual plot isn't much of anythinig.  Mostly just everyone making introductions and setting up future issues.  We know that the superboy clone has a huge chip on his shoulder and does not deal well with being told what to do.  We also see he's going to have trouble dealing with a telepath.  Meanwhile, a random threat in the name of Mr. Twister gives them a good super hero work out.

You always need an episode like this, so I wasn't upset that there wasn't more going on.  What annoyed me was the dick move every single guy pulled when the Martian Lass made a mistake.  Firstly, it was a mistake I would have made given all the clues given, and second these guys hardly have a stainless record.  It was just a knee jerk guy reaction to a girl getting all "uppity" and thinking she knew what was up.  As I said, very annoying if unfortunately often realistic.

On another level, I had problems with the banging the bad guy's head with a big rock.  Their excuse was, "He's just a robot."  Well their "baby sitter" the Red Tornado is just a robot.  Obviously the DC universe has Artificial Intelligence already so it doesn't seem to me that much difference if you are bashing in a robot's or a living being's head.  I mean, it's not like you are going to give a turing test before you kill them, so why take the chance?

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  1. Just a robot? I don't buy that rational for a second. In addition to RT, wasn't Brianac 5 a robot too? I always figured the DC Universe would have a PETAI (People for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligence.)