Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ring of Diamonds in a Cooling Pyre

Maxxie Minyx

Her Ladyship
Her Ladyship, and Maxxie sang together at the Deep Blue Voodoo Lounge and Bingo Emporium.  The Cover charge at the DBVLABE was to go next door to Sam and get a small tattoo of the infinity symbol just under the right wrist.  It was said to be worth it.  When those two sang together, it was said that people remembered the loves they never had.  The one time someone tried to record their duet of "Ring of Diamonds In a Cooling Pyre" didn't work.  When played back it turned out to be the recording of a famous politician in a compromising position. 

They still sing their hearts out there, but only on the full moon any more.

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