Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...Now for some class

The Social Network came out the big winner at the Golden Globes.  It rather annoyed me to be honest, I was hoping that Inception would get a few awards.  I was particularly vexed when The Social Network won for best score.  Now I like Trent Reznor very much and wish him well, but Hans Zimmer's score for Inception is clearly better.  Like the movie it just gets into your head, and I can't be the only one to think that given the amount of videos that used it this year.  It's gone viral for viral.

Really though, the thing that bothers me is I just don't get The Social Network.  It has excellent talent, and it is all on the screen.  Great direction by David Fincher.  Simply Gorgeous photography.  The actors, notably Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, are great in their rolls.  The thing is simply this; I did not like one person in this movie.  They don't even rate as INTERESTING assholes.  They are just assholes and jerks, and I just can't enjoy the movie. 

So there, yet another classy film I don't like.  I guess I better go back to rewatching ol' Godzilla movies.

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