Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I saw on TV...

Dang me, if I don't really really like "The Cape." It's pure guilt ridden guilty pleasure to the hilt. They've really hit a stride here and I hope they can keep the pace. Our hero tries to start a war between the evil Chess, and the ill tempered Scales on a masquerade train.  Plans are complicated though by the Carnival of Crime which wants to rob the train.

Ok, first off they really made Scales shine here.  I don't know if it was better make up or just better lighting but his face looked much better here than in the pilot.  Also while they didn't delve into his back story much they gave enough of a taste that he's a bit more three dimensional as a two dimensional villain.  He certainly has a well deserved hatred of midgets ("No Cake for you!").  I do call shennigans on how he gets out of his cage at the end.  Banging your head through the bars till the door comes off is very cool, but it won't work if you are holding the doors at the same time.

Another one involves the central scene of the show.  The train is out of control and Chess and the The Cape must work together to stop the train.  Now maybe things work differently on a train, but as far as I know cutting hydraulic brake lines do not engage the brakes.  Quite the opposite.  Still, a great scene among many.

Best line of the show:  "Get me a hacksaw.  Betty needs a shave." 

Being Human improves on its second episode.  It looks like they have a much better grasp on its characters than the pilot indicated.  That it is on at the same time as the Cape proves to be a problem.  Thank God for Hulu!

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