Saturday, January 29, 2011

Young Justice

Well tonight Young Justice finally goes into action. They are told just to go and observe a plant that makes the drug venom which gives superstrength. I can't believe that Batman actually thinks they would just observe so I'll assume he was planning all along for them assault the plant. True they do sneak in fairly well. Some of them are outfitted with stealth version of the long underwear standard issues costumes. Ms. Martian of course can become invisible (A nice effect with just enough difference from standard "Predator" to be original), Robin can sneak around in bright red and yellow, and the Superboy just doesn't give a damn.

The problem is they are still being dickish. This time about who is to lead the team. Robin thinks of course it should be him, but he is too busy doing his own thing to lead. One thing about this series is that it wants me to kick robin's butt. He's a cocky little so and so with none of the charm shown in "The Teen Titans."

So as they hash out leadership they meet Bane. Now Bane is something of a bad ass to be sure, he broke Batman's spine in the comics. But, really superboy should have no problems mopping his luchador ass up. They still are very inconsistent in how they protray powers.

They also had to fight Cobra (not the GI Joe gang), and of all people the Sports Master. Sports Master is really what third tier villainy? I mean ok they might had have to fight Kite Man, but no superhero is THAT hard up.

When they do get to work together the team is very nice. They still don't have the the girl with the bow and arrow they show in the credits, but I'm in no hurry. Frankly trick arrow acts have never really thrilled me. Also, as an interesting bit of trivia martians blush green.

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