Thursday, January 27, 2011

Face Off

By format, Face Off is just painfully unoriginal reality TV.  Twelve contestants start competing against each other.  Every show has two challenges, the first grants some basic little tweak to the winner.  The second challenge determines who gets the boot for that week.  Yeah, if you haven't seen this before you are a hermit.

The difference is that all twelve are make up artists and the challenge is to turn some very patient models into whatever weirdness that week's challenge is.  For example, in this episode the first challenge was to basically drop and do an improvised make up using items in the room they were partying in.  The second was to make a human animal hybrid from the choices of a beetle, an elephant, or an ostrich.  The results are to say the least unique and these folks do have some skills.  This is closest to project run way but done ugly and less of a bitch fest. 

In any event, I do approve of this show for Syfy.  True, it isn't really a science fiction show, but its wonderfully nerdy, imaginative, and beats the hell out another hour of wrestling. 


  1. I caught the premier episode. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! (Tate & Gage are my favies.)I cannot wait to see where the rest of the season goes.

  2. Hopefully it won't disappoint in the end, like So you want to be a superhero...