Monday, January 31, 2011

Dead Space Aftermath

Dead Space is a video game first person shooter of science fiction persuasion.  This is the second of two animated features based on it.  Frankly, there's not much here.  A bunch of survivors are picked up and then interogated and tortured.  Each tells the story of what happened on their doomed ship.  It all has to do with an alien artifact that's like a bad monolith from 2001.  It starts rewriting people's DNA and that's never good. 

I argued that video games could indeed be art.  This is not art.   This isn't even much of an entertainment.  The mix of Computer animation and standard 2d animation is jarring.  The characters are mostly cyphers.  The characters are also in a no win situation where a bullet in the head is the best you can hope for, and that's not much fun to watch.  The only thing this show left me was the question of why do all the humans have a glowing blue spine?  I mean it looks cool but that can't help you if you are trying to hide from monsters in the dark. 

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