Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shao Lin Vs. the Evil Dead

I always find Chinese film fascinating in that it gives me a window into a totally different universe.  The Chinese film involving the living dead are a good example.  When not aping what is big in the theaters here in the states, these films mine the folklore of china which has some very different ideas about the living dead.

They hop.

There is no better way to start.  The dead hop, and for some reason they can still be scary.  Go figure, right?  There is a whole host of rules over what the dead can and cannot do.  Those that know the rules in these films are the shaolin priests.  Generally, they are guides for the dead.  Either exorcising them or guiding them to where they can rest and go on to the next life.

In this film we have the wise priest and his two young assistants.  Against them is the priest's brother who has fallen from the true way and dabbles in black magic.  In between them are the dead souls which are the markers in the game that plays out between them.

This film moves fast and is very silly but in a satisfactory way. 

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