Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cult of the Cobra

Anyone remember "Nanny and the Professor?" Thought not. It's a pretty obscure little "Bewitched" type show. For some reason it always stuck in my brainpan. I guess one reason is that I liked Richard Long. A person who could make being the straight man to weirdness fun. So it was amusing to me when I was watching "Cult of the Cobra," and there was Richard Long being straight man to weirdness.

The film is set in 1945 in "Asia," here he's in the Army on leave with his buddies. They are sucking in the exotic sites and honestly looking for a bit of adventure before going back home to the boring old states. After talking with a snake charmer they are led to a forbidden snake cult ritual. One dim bulb decides to use flash photograph and mayhem ensues. The upshot is now they got themselves a bad cobra curse following them back to the states.

This is a good general horror picture in a time where there were actually few horror films being made. It moves a good pace and its fun seeing actors like Richard Long go through their paces. One criticism I did have is that they used the greek mythology of "lamia" where there was already an existing mythology of the "naga." Guess they figured americans wouldn't be able to handle a little far east mythology.

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