Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aliens Vs. Ninjas

This is the type of campy craziness that the Syfy network wished it could do. Basically a bunch of ninjas are ninjaing about. There's a little rivalry between them all but mostly they are a bunch of good guys for murdering assassins. SUDDENLY!! a huge fireball descends from the heavens.

Well now the ninjas have to fight killer aliens of the "Aliens" school of extraterrestials. Can ninja skill defeat monsters from beyond? Of course it can, but it's still a fun fight to watch.

The aliens are knock offs but good ones. They remind me of certain burrowing amphibians if they were eight feet tall and had more sharp edges than a Lewis Black routine. They also have cute mind control fetuses which lead to an incredibly tasteless but funny scene as the ninjas are forced to pull out cute gummy fetuses from the throats of their brother ninjas.

Overall a fun film if you don't think about things, and why would you?? Enjoy.

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