Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last Night's Adventure Time

Adventure Time is my favorite of the new shows on the cartoon network's Monday night line up. It truly captures the innocent immaturity of boyhood. While the animation isn't stellar it is pretty and distinctive. The scripts are generally very good and make for a fun 15 minute run. Honestly, though the shows only rank up to 4 stars when Marceline shows up.

Marceline the vampire is the perfect foil for Finn. While Finn can be selfish it is the unknowing innocent selfishness of boyhood. Marceline is very knowingly selfish and loves to play mind games with Finn. But what's really nice is that despite all the chaos she causes, Marceline deep down really likes Finn even though he's a rube.

Last night's episode was classic. Finn was trying to get the Princess to go with him to the movies and Jake and Marceline were giving competing advice on how to woo the Princess. Marceline convinces Finn that the Princess really needs to feel excitement so they put wolves in her room. Quite rightly the Princess kicks them all out. Finn then realizes thinking back on how much fun it was getting the wolves and everything that it is Marceline whom he should ask. But Marceline isn't ready for dating. Once Finn convinces her that it's not a date, just friends she's cool with it. As they realize that smoochy films isn't their thing and they set wolves out into the theater I think they both realize that they are pretty cool together.


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