Monday, March 28, 2011

Monster of the Day: Pinhead

Source:  Hellraiser
Location:  Somewhere in hell, close by
Threat Assessment:  6.  (Goes down as the series progress)  A creature from beyond, Pinhead has his associates.  Pinhead has lots of hooks.  Pinhead can change space to suit him. 
Limitations:  He's bounded by the puzzles that allow him into this world.  He likes suffering so he'll tend to overplay his hand.  Also, he's very much of a visionary.  He wants to show you things rather than take over the world.
Personal Note:  I've always liked that Pinhead is sort of a S/M cultist going from door to door.  "Pardon me Sir, but I have such sights to show you."


  1. He has his moments in the terror fields and scream dream recordings. I think the way he speaks is enticing, like a sirens song and it draws you into your worst realizations! (I might score him higher)

  2. He'd score higher except 1) generally he has to be called so if you are smart enough not to fool with hell puzzles you'll be safe. 2) His obsession with sensory overload can give someone a chance to escape. He has the power to kill you in a micro second but he wants to make it last. Ask any James Bond villain this isn't a good plan.