Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scream of the Banshee

Well I'll be a hornswaggled vermicious knid, the syfy saturday movie did NOT suck this week. Oh don't worry, we aren't talking anything oscar worthy or even good cultish fun. But it was a good compentent horror movie that kept the action going pretty good throughout the run. I found myself enjoying it pretty much and it only took syfy 200 tries to get it right. Way to rock a learning curve syfy!

So basically back in the times of olde, this guy figures out how to trap a banshee. He uses a funk shield that turns into a flying box that takes the banshee's head off. Cue to modern times where a bunch of acedemics are going through the basement and taking an inventory. This group is no better written than most but certainly better acted. I definitely got to care about them at least 300 times more than most Disposable Young People.

Anyhow they somehow open the box that should not be opened and there is a cool banshee head in it that starts screaming. The head then fries and the spirit of the banshee is released. The banshee's mo is that it needs for you to scream so it will completely screw with you till you do. It's sort of like a cross between Steve Tyler and Freddy Kruger.

Definitely worth a watch the next time it pops on the syfy network.


  1. I caught a bit of this last night and was pulled in. Seemed to be going in a good direction. Nice to hear it panned out into completely watchable.

  2. Sounds and looks worth a watch!