Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monster of the Day: Sontarans

Source: Dr. Who
Location:  Edge of the galaxy, but they do get about.
Threat Assessment:  7.  An entire race of highly technological beings with a militant culture.  They are from a high gravity environment and are very strong and tough.
Limitations:  In a war already with the Rutins.  They have one big weakness.  The probic vent at the back of their necks is highly susceptible to damage.  A good whack there can take a Sontaran down.  One reason Sontarans never back down from a fight.
Sontarans are all clones so there isn't a lot of genetic variety there.
Personal note:  Love how they look like a cross between trolls and Volgons.  I also like that they really don't care much about humans.  They only get in our face as they work out how to beat the Rutins. 

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