Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monster of the Day: Predator Dog

Source:  Predators
Location:  Wherever there are Predator aliens
Threat Assessment:  3.  Fast.  Deadly.  Hard to kill.  They have lots of teeth, claws and horns.
Limitations:  They are domesticated animals under control of the Predators.  Enough firepower will kill one.  Beastial intelligence.
Personal note:  Some critics said that these dogs couldn't have evolved naturally because their horns would get in the way of feeding.  To this I say, "duh," because we humans have taken a perfectly good natural predator (the wolf) and turned it through breeding into a pug which has the survivablity in the wild of a soap fish.  It makes perfect sense for the gung ho predator aliens to take some nasty beast and breed it to outlandish nastiness.

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