Thursday, March 31, 2011

I, Madman

"I, Madman," is a film that deserves more attention than it got. It is a fun, freaky little movie that is pretty inventive despite some cliched main characters.

Basically, you have this girl at a used book shop. She has discovered the books of an obscure author that are really really good. It's the type of books when you read them really put you into the story. Oh oh, guess what. She IS really into the story. Soon the madman from the second book appears before her. He has hes face all cut off, and he has done so because he wants a blank canvas. He wants to create the most perfect face. The most perfect face for our heroine. Soon people are dying left and right and losing facial features. Honestly, badly stitching a nose over your face hole isn't helping.

So, will our heroine's policeman boyfriend finally figure things out. Will she figure things out? Will the Jackal Boy ever be released. Watch and find out!

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