Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's Your Story

"Not much of a story really."

"You don't know how lucky you are to be on Earth. Everywhere else it's all we hear about. You are right up there with Kula Lumpar and the Green Zone. I come from a place that had only two and a half spatial dimensions and an in constant temporal one. We could only go forwards. If you wanted to go back you had to leave the realm and reenter back where you wanted to be. It was a pain. It was also deemed immoral by the local powers that be so you were always getting gruff for it."

"It just sucked toads..."

"So one day I had enough. I had enough spells to make the jump, and more importantly I had the desire, the moxie for something better. So I bid my three mothers goodbye and left that place without one look back."

"Since everyone wanted to come to Earth it's tough now to just walk right in the front door. Heck I understand, everyone wants to keep the piece of the pie just for themselves. But I'm smarter than most of spiritual baggage that want in. I find a way under the fence through the dreams of a schizo in Miami. Through him I was able to enter the dream country and despirte rules they are always looking for an eager pair of hands. Soon I was a migraine worker in the mind fields."

"I didn't mind at all. It was already ten times better than where I was, and I liked the work. I drifted from mind field to mind field making contacts. We'd talk about all things earthly on breaks as we drank the bitter memories of others and watched the butter cutlery fies flit from here and there."

"Nice as that was I still wanted more. It was just a matter of timing and will. I found a perfect host and inbetween shifts I'd prepare him with dreams of dark inspiration. After a few years I had an accountant with a sleep disorder become a sorceror of some power. Of course he was very surprised when his final spell released me."

"I almost felt sorry for him. Almost."

"And so here I am, I sleep in a shack out on the edge. I eat mostly what I can catch. I've never been happier. I'm already gaining a reputation of a nightmare smith. All those years as a migraine worker is paying off. I'm even seeing a girl psychically. So there you are, that's my story."


  1. I like the migraine worker idea. And then the nightmare smith. It does often seem that these things are crafted by hands, rather than figments of imagination or filaments of brain tissue and nerves...

  2. Love that creative mind of yours. The way you write captivates the reader and will not let them go!