Thursday, March 17, 2011

Death Kappa

You know folks make fun of Godzilla pictures for being bad, a rap I think is only half true. Yes Godzilla vs. Megalon is craptastic but there are good godzilla films out there like the first one. If you want to see a truly bad giant monster film I present to you "Death Kappa."

Right, so here goes. Girl who claims she has no talent is going home back to the country. Given her acting I do believe she has no talent. Her village is something like Dunwhich where there are more people than teeth. Her grandma gets run over by idiots who also knock the local kappa shrine off the cliff.

Our girl is sad, but she perks up when a real kappa (released from the wrecked shrine) shows up. Even better it likes her music! A dancing kappa is a sight best seen heavily sedated.

Ah but there are other monsters out there. Our talentless girl is kidnapped by a rather strange girl, her dead grandpa, and fascist nerds. They dream of making kappaoid soldiers. Our kappa saves the girl, but the bad guys set of an atomic bomb. One of their monsters get to godzilla scale and starts doing the city stomp. Our kappa has to get big and save the day.

A film like this has to be seen rather described. It is both innocent and stupid and is fun in spite of itself.


  1. Hell yeah! This thing's actually got quite the pedigree now that I look at it. I know the director from his 2004 samurai vs. monster movie Kibakichi...which I met under its substantially-more-ass-kicking title, Werewolf Warrior. Haraguchi came out of the special effects department of Gamera and Ring 0, so he hasn't made a film since. If this is his sophomore slump, he couldn't have picked a better way to go about it.

    You know...I'm actually kind of excited about a recent-release daikaiju movie. Shit. Hasn't happened in so long, I'm not quite sure what to do with the sensation. Think I'll go track Death Kappa down and sort it all out. Gotta be better than Monsters.

  2. Root canal is better than Monsters. Thanks for the heads up on the people behind the scenes!