Friday, March 25, 2011

A Dream I Had

A Dream

I was at the beach doing art
but no one else was digging it
"Do your old style they said."
But I was digging it.
Colors so bold it was glowing
off the poster board

Tony the leader said
"Hey I have a great idea for lunch"
so we piled into the van and went
to market
but there was no parking
so we kept circling in the back alley
and we had to dodge vans
that were driven badly
and they kept hitting
garbage cans

We get Tony and the stuff
and we go to the house
there is a hole in the middle of the yard
I look down and there is a man in a chamber
looking up
I said "Hey come look."
Tony said, "Oh that's just the priest
come on we have to make lunch."

So we were making a great big lunch
and then Tony says,
"Someone has to go to Nano Spain
and get us Nano nano madera"
I volunteered because I felt bad since
usually I only do the dishes

So someone comes to give me a shot
to shrink me to Nano Spain
it hurt but nothing happened so he looks at the box
and learns it will take SEVEN shots

So he's looking for more places to poke
when the nurse with the flaming black hand
and my mother come in and they are mad
"Unprofessional and foolish," said the nurse
she sets up an IV drip in the back of my hand
"You should tell us before you go to Nano Spain."
I said I was sorry and ask her to go to the beach
and see the new art
she said she wouldand that made me very happy
and I said thank you.
"Don't," said the nurse. And she let the IV run....

Everything went black
then white
then grey

I heard myelf say I was checking out

and then I saw everyone in the world
a little screen for each person
then with the sound of dominos
falling down
one by one
each screen
went black

Then I woke up

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  1. I love the way you write! Keeps me so captivated. Then the end WOW!