Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Further Thoughts on Superman and the Justice League

I know that Aquaman gets a lot of crap for being the most useless hero in the Justice League. But I got to think that the one that the one made superman raise his eyebrow the most in askance was Hawkman I can imagine their first meeting like this.

SUPERMAN: Hey, Hiya. Glad you can come. I'm Superman.

HAWKMAN: I'm hawkman.

SUPERMAN: Great, that's a good strong name Hawkman. So you have hawk powers?

HAWKMAN: I can fly.

SUPERMAN: Great! I can fly too. So do you have vision like a hawk?

HAWKMAN: I can fly. I have these big metal wings and I fly with them. THey are made of space metal.

SUPERMAN: .... Um. Space Metal that's cool. I don't need anything to fly but you know whatever gets you there. So... how do you fight crime?

HAWKMAN: I use a mace.


HAWKMAN: You know it's like a big club...

SUPERMAN: I know what a mace is, what's make it special? Does it hurl thunderbolts or something?

HAWKMAN: It's made of space metal so its hard, but it's just a mace.

SUPERMAN: Well, excuse me, but has it occurred to you that being able to fly and all, that maybe a ranged weapon could take advantage of that? I mean... if you like the old timey stuff you can go out like Green Arrow.

HAWKMAN: I like the mace.

SUPERMAN: Well to each their own... it just doesn't seem ... hawk like. I mean hawks aren't know for blunt force trauma.

HAWKMAN: I like the mace.

SUPERMAN: Riiiiiight.... ok then. The buffet is over there, try the shrimp. I see the Martian Manhunter and I have to have a word with him. Enjoy being in the League.



  1. Funny stuff but do you feel the same way about the JSA Hawkman (from the Universe formerly known as Earth 2). He seemed pivotal to that group. Besides flight and swinging a mace, he had the strongest leadership skills and seemed to be the smartest member. At least, he was the smartest member that always showed up. With the Justice Society, Batman and Superman only seemed to pop in long enough to qualify for annual benefits and renew their membership at Costco.

  2. JSA is a different horse all together. Definitely more equality over all.