Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Fighter

This is a film about heart, about the hearts of people who aren't suppose to show their hearts.  It says its based on a true story but as always I don't know how based that is so I'll leave that aside.  It's the story of two brothers.  The older brother is a fallen hero, the younger wants to be the next champ.  The mother is the manager of the younger brother but is still clearly thinks the older brother is the special one.  The father is passive.  The sisters are a harpy squad.  Mix in the older brother falling into crack addiction and this is not a good recipe for success.

Our hero, the younger brother, must step away from this poisonous situation and does thanks to his love of a feisty waitress.  But he also must then learn to reembrace the same family he had to leave because it is a deep part of who he is.  If he can manage these two warring factions maybe he really can become the champ.

Love the film, great acting.  Oscar worthy acting that is really oscar worthy.  Christian Bale is able to once again channel his inner asshole to play the older brother.  Mark Wahlberg is just very tough vulnerable as the younger brother.  There's nothing not to like about this film.  It's a realistic "Rocky" that doesn't lose sight that there's a reason we root for the underdog.

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