Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They Fight Crime: Superman Squared

Recently they had to close the comment section of the DC site for comics. TInhe reason was that the flame war over who was faster, Superman or the Flash, got too heated for moderator's tastes.

In so many ways, this is a useless debate. Even if the Flash was faster, Superman will always win because besides being fast he is invulnerable, super strong and super smartt. The Flash just can't win. He, and his fans, shouldn't feel so bad, no one in the Justice League can measure up to the all around performance of Superman.

So why be in the League a all?

Well besides companionship there's just the problem that there's only one Superman. So it helps to have friends. But, at some point if Superman were stop to think about things he'd have to realize this is just a half measure. The only way to really solve the problem would be to have more Superman. That's a very real possiblity. Throughout the silver age of comics Superman was always creating robot supermans to help pull off his Clark Kent disguise. At some point it's reasonable to assume that idea of making a whole bunch of Superman robots to lighten the load would just have to occur. Besides the fact that they'd be almost as strong, fast, and invulnerable as Superman, they would have the advantage of just being robots. There wouldn't be any tears of remorse if Darkseid batted down ten or twelve of them.

So my Superman Analog the Zenith thought this all out and created the Zenith squad. 144 Zenith android patrolling the earth with the Zenith himself overseeing the operations. Oh there would be early problems as the androids get tweaked here and there to better suit their mission but soon enough every city would nearly free of crime and supervillains fear the skies.

It wouldn't be all roses though. Many nations would be very resistent to the Zenith squad. Also, it would just smack of facism to many people. Soon young people start throwing stones and worse anytime a Zenith appears. No doubt even other super heroes would be dubious and also some would certainly have bruised egos. The challenge for the Zenity would be to ride this tiger and keep enough people on his side to keep the the Zenith squad in the air. Otherwise, he'd face a revolt from the people he swore to protect.

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  1. Flash is faster! Superman is too strong. Supergirl and Power girl aren't nearly as strong. What is the deal with that.