Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exhumed should have stayed buried

Exhumed is definitely the work of enthused young people. Note, I did not say gifted. This has all the problems of student film making. Bad writing, bad acting, and a buck thirty nine budget. I will say they tried to be a little original, and at least it wasn't bang your head bad. There's hope at least for the future.

For the record, the film is three stories interlinked by an artifact of dreadful power. Yeah, it's sort of like "Heavy Metal" in that respect. This artifact can bring back the dead and the stories are set in Japan, post war USA, and in the future. The story set in Japan is subtitled, and the post war story was shot in black and white and done with a noirish narration. Both are rather nice ideas though narration itself was pretty bad. The story in the future was a bit pointless starting with the idea that vampires and werewolves would carry over the old mods versus biker feud. In any respect, I can't really recommend this film.

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