Friday, April 22, 2011

The Sara Jane Adventures

With the passing of Elisabeth Sladen I thought I'd give "The Sara Jane Adventures" a look. Here, ELisabeth Sladen continues her Dr. Who role of Sara Jane Smith. Now she's the one in charge of a group of companions trying to keep the world safe from aliens and other perils. Her companions are young teens including her adopted genius son. She acts sort of a den mother as they fight of aliens both from the Dr. Who series and of their own. They are helped by an extremely smart "computer" named Mr. Smith, and some very nice super high tech like sonic lipstick.

The show is clearly geared to a younger demographic, but there's certainly nothing wrong with that. There's never the feeling that they are being talked down to, and the stories are just as interesting as those on Dr. Who. I wouldn't give it four stars, but its fun enough. I'm glad Elisabeth Sladen was given the rare chance to continue her character.

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