Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monster of the Day: Nemesis the Warlock

Source:  Nemesis the Warlock
Location:  Anywhere there is human injustice
Threat Assessment:  7.  He'd rate higher but there is only one Nemesis.  An alien that looks like a cross between demon and dragon, Nemesis has made it his job to end the humans attempt at galactic genocide.  Super strong, tough, and able to breath fire; Warlock is also able to use mystic powers, has a really wicked sword and personal starship.
Limitations:  Only his own morality.
Personal notes:  A great british comic book it certainly pokes dark satiric fun at us poor humans and our governments.  It should be noted that the females of Nemesis' species are considered even more deadly than the males.  Warlock briefly appears in a Shriekback video, but it's a rather oddly muddled appearance.

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