Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Last Lovecraft

This isn't the funniest film on earth, but it certainly has its little geeky heart in the right place. Here's the situation. Lovecraft was telling the truth. There are monsters beyond space and time, and they do want to come back and rule us. If by rule you mean squish us between their gnarly claws. Lovecraft went so far as to create a society to protect us humans from harm. Now cut to the present and the last descendant of Lovecraft is asked to keep a dangerous object from the forces of evil. He is helped by his geeky friend, their uber geeky geek in waiting, and an old sea captain who had been "fishraped."

The Earth looks pretty much doomed.

This is a small film that does what it can with a small budget. It works out pretty well, and for those who like a more fun take on unnameable horrors its a good watch to be sure. Enjoy!

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